For those we have lost

We remember

The JBU community honors the memory of the following individuals.

We join together in prayer for those who are mourning.

20210218_095243 - Matt Zabel.jpg

Robert Ramsey

Father-in-law of

Matthew Zabel, JBU alumni


"He was a devoted minister for 75 years. The hat is true: Not everyone looks this good at 90." 

Dr Ray Hull.png

Dr. Ray Hull

Father-in-law of

Jay Nickel, JBU staff


"The way he loved his God, his wife, his kids, his in-laws, his grandkids, his patients and his friends will impact me and motivate me to replicate for the rest of my time on this earth." 

About the Memorial

The JBU COVID-19 memorial is a space to lament those that we love and a way to unite in comforting one another. Our sorrow runs deep as the pandemic continues to ravage our world. This platform seeks to restore humanity to individuals lost to the coronavirus and those who are grieving. They are more than a statistic;

they are our family members, neighbors, coworkers and friends.

We remember and honor their legacy.